Photography Reflectors


Never underestimate the power of reflected light! It can totally change the look and feel of an image, and sometimes, it can make or break the shot. Reflectors are a must in certain situations, and you’d be amazed at the difference just a small piece of white foam core can make. Whether you’re doing portraits, […]

Caffeine-Free Herbal Chai Tea


I love my morning (and afternoon and sometimes evening) cup of tea. It’s not just that it’s delicious; it has a whole relaxation and “cozy feel” thing associated with it. On cold mornings, just holding that steaming hot mug of tea helps get the day started right, and on especially dark and chilly winter mornings, […]

Chickpea Curry Spread / Dip


    This  chickpea curry spread is one of my favorite chickpea dishes. It is similar to hummus but does not contain tahini (which I am allergic to). It’s healthy, really easy to make, always gets rave reviews, and is great both as a dip with veggies or crackers and as a spread on sandwiches. […]

Stockholm Travel: Ulriksdal Market Garden

Ulriksdal Market Garden Pavilion

In this next part of my Stockholm travel series, we discover the peaceful, dreamy market garden at Ulriksdal palace. As I mentioned in my Ulriksdal Palace post, the reason we went there in the first place was because I had seen a flowerpot in Skona Hem (a Swedish decorating magazine) that I desperately wanted, if it […]

Mini Tea Tasting

Mini tea tasting

I have always loved tea and it is a very popular beverage in Sweden (some shops even offer tea tasting classes). In most cafes, you will find a decent (sometimes large) selection of  “straight up” and flavored loose leaf teas to choose from. The tea tins are usually lined up next to a mug of […]