Natural Skin Care Products: Moisturizers, Acne Treatment and Shaving

It has taken me a long time to find my favorite natural skin care products and I have tried many that didn’t make the cut, but it was an interesting search and I really love the products that I use now.

In the last post in this mini-series, I talked about my favorite hair products, and today, it’s all about skin care. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s easy to forget that that our skin is not just a protective shield, it is an organ, and everything we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies, so it is very important to make sure that the products you use are free of toxic ingredients, synthetic fragrances and other unnecessary “junk”.

Just like with the hair products, when I went on a search for natural skin care, I looked for products that

  • are all natural
  • actually work (really well)
  • are free of things I am allergic to (which includes many fruit extracts, certain nut oils, apple cider vinegar, etc.)
  • have not been tested on animals

I have dry and very sensitive skin that immediately lets me know when it doesn’t like something, sometimes by breaking out, sometimes through a migraine, or “normal” headache and fogginess, so it has been a long and sometimes painful search, but I have finally found products that both my skin and I absolutely love.

Here are the winners:

Hand & Body Lotion, Face Cream

I actually use the same product for all these things (super handy when traveling since you only need to bring one thing for all this). I have used Luminos from Keys Soap as a hand cream and body lotion for many years now, but it used to be too heavy for my face. But earlier this year, they changed the formula slightly, and it’s now a bit lighter and creamier and better than ever and works great for the face too (and neck, important to remember to moisturize as well). I have very dry skin and have tried many many moisturizers over the years. This is by far my favorite – it is rich and creamy, but still absorbs quickly, smells good (a faint, fresh herb scent), and makes my skin soft and smooth. They recently started selling a tinted moisturizer as well, but I haven’t tried that yet. Keys’ products are all vegan, soy and gluten free, made without any chemicals whatsoever, and not tested on animals.

Natural skin care products - moisturizer

Eye Cream

The Eye Butter from Keys Soap also underwent a slight change this year, and is now a bit lighter and creamier (and smells faintly of cucumber) and wonderful for dry skin. It is still fairly rich and you only need a teeny bit so it lasts forever. I will say that for me, it is still too heavy to use during the day in the summer when it’s hot and humid so I only use it at night then, but during the cold and dry winter months, it’s perfect day and night.

Natural skin care products - eye cream

Acne treatment

I thankfully don’t break out very often, but when I do, I always use Nelson’s acne gel and it works wonders without drying out the skin. Just dab a little bit on in the morning and evening, and in a few days, your skin is perfect again! The main ingredients are herb extracts and essential oil, and it smells fresh and minty. (?)

I also “invented” a clay face mask a while back that works really well.

Natural skin care products - acne gel

Lip Balm

Weleda’s Everon is still my number one pick for natural lip balm. It is made from jojoba oil, beeswax, rose flower wax, and other wonderful ingredients, and smells pretty neutral (perhaps a faint scent of vanilla and a tiny touch of rose) and makes my lips so soft. In the winter, I use it on my cuticles too, and under my nose at night when I have a cold (I use separate lip balm tubes for all of these, of course!). I have used it for years, and I really hope they never change the formula because it is perfect the way it is!

Natural skin care products - lip balm

Foot Cream

Winter really takes a toll on my feet; if I don’t put moisturizer on them regularly, they start feeling like sand paper. I have experimented with just plain oil (coconut, jojoba) but it gets too slippery for my taste. The best cream I have found for feet is Weleda’s Skin Food. It is really rich, a little goes a long way, it absorbs quickly, and smells really clean and fresh. It is made from a variety of base and essential oils.

Natural skin care products - foot cream

Shaving Cream

Even though it’s on the skin only for a short time, I want my shaving cream to be all natural too. Things still get absorbed, and you don’t want parabens and other nasty stuff going directly into your bloodstream if you happen to cut yourself. I have been using Weleda’s shaving cream for years now and love it. If you are used to a foam, it might feel a bit strange at first since this is more of a cream, but it really works and smells so good! It does contain goat milk, so it is not vegan.

Natural skin care products - shaving cream

Resources / Where to Buy

Keys Soap products – Keys Soap or Amazon
Weleda and Nelson products – Vitacost (they have the best prices by far)

For more resources, see the Recommended Food and Health Products page

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